If you are just beginning to run, a 5K is something you will need to train and prepare for. Deciding where to start for your first 5K can be a little overwhelming at times. In today’s blog, we are going to give you some of the beginning steps to make it a little less scary.

Registering for a 5K

Obviously, deciding to run a 5K is the first step, but then what? You have to choose which 5K you want to register for! Most 5Ks are set to gain awareness for a certain cause. Try to choose one that means something to you, so that you can have a passion for it beyond just running.

Be sure to take into account the type of course, the location of the race, and the time of year it will take place. Once you have decided on which 5K you would like to participate in, it’s time to register for it. Make sure you give yourself several weeks to train and prepare for your first race.

Getting Your Gear

Start with getting the right shoes for your feet. Make sure they are formed correctly for your arch type, and are the correct style for the way you run. You will want to find a shoe store that specializes in running shoes so that they can fit you appropriately in these areas. Don’t wait until the race to get new shoes! Buy them right away so that you can train in them and break them in beforehand.

Next, you’ll want to choose what clothes to wear for the race, that way you’ll be able to train in the same or a similar outfit. Check out 5K Tee’s to order custom race apparel for you and your team. They offer a variety of T-shirts, tanks, and sweatshirts that are completely customizable.


Make sure you take time to prepare your body before each run. Eat a small healthy snack, drink some water, and make sure to stretch and warm up. Trying to just take off running will cause your body to tire quickly, making the run miserable. This could also result in injuring yourself!

Now it’s time to start running, almost! Start slow with mostly walking, then switch to running and walking intervals. Gradually increase the running intervals and the overall length of the run. Find someone to train with you! Simply having an accountability partner and someone to share the experience with, will help you stay motivated.

5K Ready!

Once you can steadily run for 30 minutes, you can start to work on specific techniques. Work on reading your body while running so you know the best times to push harder and when you need to pace yourself.

If the 5K that you registered for is nearby, try to train on the course. This will allow you to get a feel for the type of course it is, and how to approach it. For 5Ks that are located too far away for that, research what type of course it is and find a similar area to train.

Now that you are registered, have all your race apparel, and are up to speed for your 5K—check out our next blog “The Week of Your First 5K” for more tips. We will cover all the little details for that last week of training and preparation, so you are fully ready to go on race day!